July 2007 Goodies

Here, have some jingles!

- Real Radio 2001 from Bespoke Music. Package | 26.8MB
- Radio 538 from IQBeats. Resings of Fox FM. Montage | 4.6MB
- WYYY from Thompson Creative. Resings of The Edge. Package | 7.9MB
- Radio 2, Dubai. Off-air imaging montage. Montage | 3.6MB
- Sun FM 1997 from JAM. Package | 3.2MB
- Radio 10 FM from JAM. Montage | 2.7MB
- WXLK from JAM. Z World, KIIS 90, Breakthrough Package | 5.2MB
- Bright FM 2007 from IQBeats. Montage | 2.2MB
- Century 105 2001 from Music 4 Package | 12.6MB


#1 Chris on 08.02.07 at 5:38 pm

Don’t lose sleep over it, but that’s actually the 1997 Sun FM package. In 1999, we bought a resing of Wave 105 from Vibe. We flipped at 11am, 11th August. In case you really wanted to know :)

#2 IQ Beats - Blog on 08.02.07 at 10:55 pm

July 2007 Goodies on The Jingle Network…

Our RSS reader just alerted us to a new post on The Jingle Network containing some IQ Beats montages. Head on over to Paul McGrath’s shrine to the radio jingle and getchu some IQ Beats radio jingle yum yums.
Download the Radio 538 montage and re…

#3 Glen on 08.03.07 at 4:41 am

Your WXLK download went south for the day.
Just thought you would like to know.


#4 paul.mcgrath on 08.03.07 at 11:07 am

Thanks for the info Chris.

WXLK should now be working Glen.

#5 nalivai on 08.02.13 at 1:49 am

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